My Name Is.. The Walking Dead

  • My name is Rick Grimes and I have hope we will make it.
  • My name is Lori Grimes and I am scared for the future.
  • My name is Carl Grimes and I am young, but I can help defend our group.
  • My name is Shane Walsh and I will use any means necessary.
  • My name is Andrea and I want to survive.
  • My name is Amy and I miss my sister.
  • My name is Dale Horvath and I might be older, but I am much more wiser.
  • My name is Glenn and I will do anything to help other people.
  • My name is T-Dog and I will defy it all.
  • My name is Daryl Dixon and I am conflicted human being.. but I am a good person.
  • My name is Merle Dixon and I am out there.. somewhere.
  • My name is Jacqui and I did it my way.
  • My name is Dr Edwin Jensen and I want to find a cure.
  • My name is Carol Peletier and I want what's best for my daughter.
  • My name is Sophia Peletier and I will be found.
  • My name is Guillermo and I am not who you think I am.
  • My name is Hershel and I have faith.
  • My name is Maggie and I am stuck at a crossroads.
  • My name is Otis and I will do what has to be done to put it right.
  • My name is Morgan Jones and I will meet you there.
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