1. meltingmirror:

    Sorry that I haven’t been posting recently I’ve been in the middle of my 4 convention tour in 8 weeks.

    Here is a photoset of my Cruella cosplay taken at CostumeCon 32.

    Photo by EleventhPhotograph.com

    Costume made and worn by Me — Costume construction notes

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  2. sourcedumal:


    Okay no wait I totally had like two pictures on my phone.
    I found another Ursula! She was excellent and had amazingly smooth body paint (so jealous) and the crown! Her fb is Amira Cartoon Wright, not sure if she has a tumblr though.
    Also Secret Eel Compartments! Flotsam and Jetsam were the crowd favorite by far, everyone was in love with the cuties!


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  3. annakotsu:

    Makeup test all done! I’m ready to make new Midwest friends at Colossalcon! Cant wait to meet all of you!

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  4. toughtink:





    Wait. Can we please talk about this please? The entire end battle of this movie. For most of the movie, Mulan has felt out of place. She doesn’t know where she fits in. Covering herself in femininity doesn’t work, like, at all. The scene of the matchmaker…I don’t even have to explain to show you how much that is not her. But then she runs away and poses as a man. She tries her hardest to blend in and be a guy, but at the same time, covering herself in the masculine just doesn’t work. She’s still awkward and out of place. The men eventually embrace her as one of their own, see her as a guy, but they see her as a strange guy, a very effeminate man. But this scene, this final part of the movie, she has finally found her place. She is short haired (masculine) and wearing a woman’s outfit. She has found her place as a tomboy, somewhere in the middle of extremes.

    But to continue on and dissect this final battle, Mulan is facing Shan Yu. Shan Yu is huge and muscled, where Mulan is smaller, slimmer, but no doubt she is toned from all the training she’s done. Still, Shan Yu has his big ass sword and all she finds she is equipped with is the fan she and the other men used to sneak into the castle. She is equipped with a traditionally feminine object and Shan Yu is equipped with a traditionally masculine object. She uses that fan to disarm him, then uses the sword to trap him. Not only is this badass and clever, she uses an object she was uncomfortable with in the beginning to take a weapon she was also uncomfortable with earlier on in the movie and uses both of them to defeat a man twice as big as her with a much longer and much more extensive history of fighting and battles than she has. She, at this point, has learned to embrace both of the aspects of herself and use this to her advantage. She finally realizes by this time that she is not the traditional, overly feminine daughter her society wants her to be, but she isn’t the other extreme, either, the man’s man, lets-scratch-our-butts-and-fight-for-no-reason type seen when she first comes into the camp. She is a little bit of both, and realizing this and embracing it allows her to be more sure of herself and fully embrace who she is, making her happier, but also more confident (do I even need to point out how she stepped up as leader and showed the men a way to sneak into the palace? Oops, I already did), and a better fighter. She’s just all around awesome and this move she does when she disarms Shan Yu always makes me feel enormously proud of her and how far she’s come.

    Why I love Mulan!

    Also why I wish we’d get more images of her (pins, dolls, etc.) from THIS part of the movie. We get so many in her impress-the-matchmaker gown, and a number (at least of Disney pins) in her warrior garb as Ping.

    THIS is the Mulan I want lots of pins of!

    This scene is everything.

    Someone finally put words to the reasons that I loved this scene so much

    oh look, someone explained all the reasons why i really, really wish we’d see Mulan in this outfit in the parks and in merch!

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    i had a confusing childhood

    They didn’t make it easy on us.

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    Marie Antoinette and her little sister

    I get it

    I finally get the joke

    I don’t get it…..

    They both lost their heads. 

    Ooooohhhhh *slow clap*

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    One Woman A Cappella Disney Medley

    86 days, 30+ looks/characters, 13 main songs, 13 “quoted” songs, 1 month to edit, recorded and edited by herself. Make up and costumes done by herself.

    This has got to be one of the MOST incredible things I have ever set my eyeballs on…if you don’t watch this you are a fool.

    Aaaaaaaand yes, my mind is blown. That’s dedication to one project I say :) 

    Wow. I can’t even.

    Jesus. This is incredible. INCREDIBLE. What a voice. I just…I can’t.

    Seriously watch this immediately!

    This is my childhood in a video…it made me cry…that is all…

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    I love watching Disney movies when you’re older and come across scenes like this. I laughed for five minutes.

    Hades was the original sassy gay friend.

    Sassy Hades.

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  9. shaaylayy:

    Decided to play with the parallel between Scar from Lion King, and Loki. Because when you think about it, they’re very similar. All they want to do is rule the world and look good while they do it.

    Nick Fury vs. Cobra Bubbles: (x)

    Phil Coulson vs. Zazu from Lion King: (x)

    Black Widow vs. Megara from Hercules: (x)

    Maria Hill vs. Mulan: (x)

    Hawkeye vs. Robin Hood: (x)

    Iron Man vs. Emperor Kuzco: (x)

    Captain America vs. John Smith: (x)

    Thor vs. Hercules: (x)

    Hulk vs. Beast photoset: (x)

    Avengers posters: (x) (SHIELD AGENTS)

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  10. shaaylayy:

    Photoset number 7: Black Widow vs. Megara from Hercules.

    Nick Fury vs. Cobra Bubbles: (x)

    Phil Coulson vs. Zazu from Lion King: (x)

    Maria Hill vs. Mulan: (x)

    Hawkeye vs. Robin Hood: (x)

    Iron Man vs. Emperor Kuzco: (x)

    Captain America vs. John Smith: (x)

    Thor vs. Hercules: (x)

    Hulk vs. Beast photoset: (x)

    Loki vs. Scar photoset: (x)

    Avengers posters: (x) (SHIELD AGENTS)

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