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    #I really love how Leia is so multifaceted and that they get she doesn’t have to be defined by her hardness OR her sweetness #how both aspects are treated as her strengths #The same woman who talks back to Vader and Tarkin without flinching #and coldly informs Han and Luke that from now on they’ll do as she says as she takes charge of her own rescue #also pushes aside her own pain over having just witnessed the loss of her planet and the death of everyone she loved #to focus on Luke’s pain even though he’s as good as a stranger #and she takes the time in the most hectic situation to drape a blanket over him and comfort him #Personally strangles Jabba to death #and then calms down the ewok with her warmth and kindness #Leia Organa appreciation life

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She’s rich…


    She’s rich…

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